Plans & Pricing

Pay per project or subscribe for additional benefits.

  • Insider

    This plan is for particularly challenging questions that require in-depth research and expertise.

    We dedicate a small team to answering your question as thoroughly and quickly as possible.

    You have up to 2 hours of dedicated phone time each week with one of our platinum level research experts.

  • Premium


    You can have up to 10 questions researched and answered each month.

    24-hour turnaround for each question.

    Higher quality answers with only our platinum level researchers participating.

  • Starter


    You can have up to 5 questions researched and answered each month.

    $25 savings.

  • On-Demand


    Pay per question.

    Price starts at $25 per question.

    Pay as much as you want. Generally, higher awards result in higher quality answers.

    Select more than one person to answer your question for an additional fee.

    $10 extra per question for expedited 24-hour turnaround.

Included features

You focus on what's most important to you. We take care of the rest.

Seamless and Secure Payment

Global Community Marketplace

Mobile Friendly Interface

Wider Range of Menus

Support Image Upload

Support Video Upload

More Super Cooks Participating

Quick Response Time

Text On Demand

Customer Care Support

1-to-1 Video Calls

Invitation Only Option

Easy Menu Creation

The happiness pledge

All Researchers are vetted by our team and rated by the community.