About us

whonu works to economically empower people worldwide

An all-in-one platform to start a food business and monetize your talents.

Our mission

We’re building a new global food system.

Billions of people live in food poverty.
Whonu is working to solve this, and we’re doing it all through software.

A global problem

One in nine globally

One in nine people are starving or malnourished. A main reason is economic poverty.

The poverty problem

Millions of people don’t have opportunities

Millions of people don’t have opportunities to make a living. Institutional oppression is often an insurmountable roadblock to independence (e.g. discrimination based on race, gender, class, age, religion, orientation, etc.) Insufficient infrastructure, lack of education and discriminatory laws also prevent independence.

Our solution

How we’re fixing it

Whonu is building a new marketplace that enables anyone to prepare healthy, delicious, environmentally friendly meals and easily find nearby customers. This can help hundreds of millions of people generate income which they can use to sustainably feed themselves and their families.

Our people

Benefit all stakeholders

Whonu is building a commerce platform
that will benefit all its stakeholders, including professionals, clients, employees and the communities in which it operates. We promote positive social impact, human connection and innovation in everything we do.

Our global impact

An incredible journey is just beginning

As an economic empowerment engine of remote global commerce, we can greatly reduce the destructive environmental impact of greenhouse gas emissions.

Our commitment to sustainability

We’re building
a long-term company

Whonu believes in investing in our planet, communities and people. Our sustainability and social impact initiatives include choosing renewable energy, offsetting carbon emissions and reducing waste globally.


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Career opportunities

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