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    Cook and sell food you love. Get notified when you have an order.
    Customers pay securely and leave a review, all through whonu.

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    Bring your business online. Create an ecommerce food business backed by powerful tools that help you find customers, drive sales, and manage your day-to-day.


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    An all-in-one commerce platform to start, run, and grow your food business.

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    Create an immersive attendee experience with interactive programming.

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    “We’re partnering with organizations to further our mission of ending the epidemics of food scarcity and waste.”

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    How it works

    Build an online restaurant

    Create a menu. Cook and sell food you love. Make money.

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    Get notified when you have an order. Check out the customer’s profile, verifications, and star rating.

    Complete the order

    Customers pay securely and leave a review, all through whonu.

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    Save Earth

    By empowering others to easily find nearby customers to safely sell sustainable food to, we can substantially help millions generate income to feed themselves and their families. Eating plants instead of animals drastically cuts carbon emissions, zoonotic diseases, saves water supplies, our forests, and helps protect Earth for future generations.

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    food safety.

    Food safety training is essential. All cooks are required to comply with all local laws and regulations. In areas that have not yet implemented home cooking laws, food professionals are required to use commercial kitchens or other legally permissible facilities. Passing an accredited food safety certification exam is required for all cooks to help ensure that your food is always safe to eat.